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Due to some bad experience I had when setting up this wiki first, backups are now done in the following way:

  • There's an offsite copy of the static content.
  • The wiki database is dumped to file once a day.
  • It then is pushed to an FTP server at my provider, along with the static content.
  • It also is pushed offsite to another server of mine.
  • The other server does a weekly tape backup of that data.


There is some legal statement that need to be included according to German law. There goes, in German: Angaben nach § 10 des Mediendienstestaatsvertrages

Diensteanbieter: Kai Blin

Kai Blin Brühof 2 72072 Tübingen impressum(at)

Bitte beachten Sie auch die weiteren rechtlichen Hinweise bezüglich verlinkter Inhalte.