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This page lists guidelines for announcement submissions to external sites as well as links to commonly used news sites.

Public Relation Guidelines

Here is a sample announce message that you can base your posting on:

After several months of development, the WorldForge project is proud to announce
the release the second alpha version of "Acorn", an epic pig herding game.
This game is a technology demo for the Ember 3D client, and the Cyphesis server,
as well as an opportunity to display some of the WorldForge artists' work.

Acorn is a client-server 3D role playing game in the style of various online
multiplayer games, but where instead of fighting monsters, the
objective is to raise and fatten pigs for sale to the friendly butcher.
He who brings home the most bacon by the end of the game wins!

Since Acorn is still in alpha, in addition to the usual flora and fauna
in the game, you may be fortunate enough to encounter some strange and
marvelous bugs and horrid misfeatures.  Please describe your findings at
our launchpad bug tracker:

More information on Acorn is available here:

News Sites

  • Slashdot news submission page:
  • Sourceforge project news
  • Notify LinuxToday:
  • Notify LinuxWeeklyNews: