Apple pie making

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Apple pie making

Collect ingredients for making a pie. Use an oven to bake the pie. The pie can then be consumed or sold.

Main steps

Collect apples. Apples are generated by apple trees. Apple trees could be found growing wild, or in an orchard. An orchard would be preferred since it would present a structure to the game world.

Collect flour. Flour would be made from ground wheat. We would need to provide a wheat entity type. There are basically two approaches to this:

  1. Wheat is grown as separate ”wheat bushel” entities. These can be picked up.
  2. Wheat is grown as a ”wheat” area, very much like any other terrain area. It's represented on the client through the foliage system (so that any area that's defined as ”wheat” is fully covered with it). It's harvested by using a scythe, at which point a wheat bushel entity is generated and the wheat area is decreased.

The latter approach would be preferred, since it's a more sustainable approach for further similar functionality. So far the game world can handle both the concept of an area and how it gets affected by client actions. The Ember client can also render foliage constrained to a specific area.

The wheat would then need to be ground to flour. This is something that shouldn't be too hard to arrange by introducing a new mill entity into the world. The wheat would first be placed into the mill and then an actuate operation would be performed on the mill.

Collect water. We already have a bottle model (and I guess a bottle entity type). A bottle filled with a liquid should have this marked by having the attribute “liquid” set to the name of the liquid (in this case “liquid=water”). The issue would then be to provide the interface for filling the bottle with water. A simple solution would be to provide a ”use” operation on the bottle for filling it. It would require a slight change though in that we would need to make the ocean into an entity, which could be interacted with. Currently the ocean isn't represented by any entity and a simple plane is used on the client, located at the height of 0.

The water and flour should then be combined into dough. A possible way of doing this would be to use the water bottle on the flour (“douse with water”). This should empty the water bottle and produce a dough.

The dough then needs to be put into a bowl (as a child entity of the bowl), and then the apples would also be added.

The bowl containing the dough and apples needs then to be baked in an oven, alternatively over an open fire. An oven would be a new entity type and model. The oven would also need to be fed with lumber and set on fire using the tinderbox. After a short while the apple pie should be ready and should be removed from the oven. If it's kept too long in the heat it will be burned.

The final apple pie should contain a higher biomass value than all of the ingredients combined (a little counter-intuitive, but otherwise there wouldn't be any reason for making pies).

Entities involved

  • wheat areas
  • wheat bushels
  • mill
  • flour
  • bottle (with and without water)
  • ocean
  • dough
  • apple tree
  • apple
  • bowl (With models for an empty bowl, a bowl with dough, a bowl with dough and apples, a bowl with a finished pie and finally a bowl with a burnt pie. The latter versions should probably be possible to arrange through a common model with different textures.)
  • oven
  • lumber
  • fire
  • tinderbox

Further extensions

The apple pie baking could further be expanded by allowing the user to use additional ingredients such as sugar or cinnamon, making the quality of the pie even greater.