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Brenda, the Secretary Bot

Developed from scratch in a stunning one day perl code-a-thon, Brenda was brought into the world by Peregine to serve as a secretary to the WorldForge team. Her features include:

  • IRC logging: She will log discussions on #worlds, #forge, #coders, #artists, #war and any channel(s) she is invited to, and will post the logs to wiki either automatically every four hours, or on command.
  • Messaging: She can take messages for particular people, and deliver them to the recipient when he shows up online.
  • Agenda: She is able to maintain an agenda, adding, changing, and deleting items from the agenda on command. This agenda can also be accessed online, allowing people to interact with the agenda outside irc.
  • Time: She reports the time when asked.

These features will be improved as we go, and new features will be added. Below is a description of the syntax Brenda understands:

  • Brenda, agenda *group* - Retrieves the agenda from the web database and tells you the agenda items from the specified group.
  • Brenda, remove agenda ID: id_num Group: *group* - Removes specified item from agenda.
  • Brenda, add agenda ID: number Group:*group* Status: %done Description: *Desc* - Adds agenda item for specified group.
  • Brenda, time - Tells you the time.
  • Brenda, leave - Cause Brenda to leave the channel you say it in.
  • Brenda, join *#channelname* - Cause brenda to join specified channel. Brenda automatically logs the channel. There is currently no way to retrieve the logs.
  • Brenda, reload agenda - Causes brenda to reload the agenda items next time you request to see the agenda. She normally caches the agenda for 4 hour or until you tell her to reload the agenda.
  • Brenda, upload log - Causes brenda to upload the log for the channel you are in.
  • Brenda, new conv - causes brenda to give you a new conversation number that she'll keep track of.
  • Brenda, conv [number] participant [name] - Causes brenda to add that person in the conversation. That way when people on the list have an interest in the convo they can ask the participants.
  • Brenda, conv [number] subject [Subject of convo] - This will end up being the subject of the e-mail that will get posted by brenda.
  • Brenda, conv [number] list [list name] - This is the worldforge list to post to. You can't include the part. Examples of what to put are general, client ...
  • Brenda, conv [number] summary [summary line] - This is a line to add to the body of the message.
  • Brenda, conv [number] end - Causes the message to be post to the list specified.
  • Brenda, setinfo - Causes Brenda to start interviewing you about your personal data.
  • Brenda, who is [nick] - Brenda returns data set by previous command, if the user has set any.
  • Brenda, I am [real name] - This and similar commands (Je suis, my web page is, etc.) cause brenda to set single items of your user information.
  • Brenda, tell [nick] [stuff] - brenda will inform [nick] of [stuff] bty private messsage upon their next visit to IRC.

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