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Brutus loves brenda (the IRC robot.) Brutus parses and stores all of the IRC chat logs for the Worldforge project in a super-simple web UI for consumption by the general public. There is a great history of information contained within the chat logs from the Worldforge IRC servers; Brutus attempts to aggregate and display all of it in a sensible manner.

Using Brutus you can register for an account to claim your nickname, store your frequent searches; and contribute to the content body by tagging content and adding corrections to mistypes that are already passed.

You Can Too!

Search by channel over the last 30 days to catch up to what's been going on while you were on vacation in the sun.

Search by user if you're interested in finding out more about a specific developers thoughts on open source.

Search by string if you're looking for tips on getting Ember to compile.

If you're just curious, use the Browse function to view a listing of the most active channels; most frequent or recent searches made by other folks. A list of the last 20 questions asked in IRC and if you're registered, the last couple of messages where you were referred to.

Current Status

September, 2008

Brutus is being actively developed as a LAMP based solution and is available Super-Bon-Bon Hyper-Unstable Staging Version

Git Repository;a=summary

Bug Tracker and Support Hub


  1. PHP with MySQL support (or SQLite works "okay" also.)
  2. Scriptaculous/Prototype - for the wizbangery.
  3. Smarty templating system.
  4. Logs formatted as a file named: "YYYYMMDD*.irc" with log lines containing a time "HH:II:SS" "user" "message"
  5. For best results, shove your logs into directories based on the channel they originated from.


  1. Grab the repository using "git clone git://"
  2. Grab the latest smarty from
  3. Set up smarty per their instructions inside of your web root.
  4. Grab scriptaculous from
  5. Set up scriptaculous by linking the libs folder to ./scriptaculous
  6. Set up your DSN for mysql (or clear it out for sqlite) in the config file.
  7. Move your brutus checkout into the web directory.