Compiling Ember On Win32

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-64bit Windows 7 SP1 or newer -at least 4GB RAM (2GB may work too, but not recommended) -at least 20GB HDD space on C: drive (Visual Studio needs lot of space)

Clean the environment

cmake has problems in makefiles with space characters in directory names like "c:\program files\", install everything without spaces!
To reduce problems:

  1. rename BOOST_ROOT, BOOST_INCLUDEDIR, BOOST_LIBRARYDIR environment variables.
  2. rename OGRE_HOME, OGRE_DEPENDENCIES_DIR environment variable.

After the build of the dependencies, you can rename it back.
if you find any other conflicts, please update the list.

Install Visual Studio 2017 Community edition

  1. Download

Install Git

  1. Download
  2. Select "Git Bash Here"


  1. Execute following command in the commandline to add git and bash to the PATH environment variable:

setx path "%path%;C:\Program Files\Git\bin\" (Requires windows logout to activate)

Get Hammer

To get hammer type:

git clone
cd hammer

Install dependencies

To install all needed dependencies into msys build environment execute:


Getting the source

Next we will download all the sources for the Worldforge projects and all needed libraries. Execute this command to begin:

./ checkout libs
./ checkout ember


Now we are ready to build! Just execute this command:

./ build libs
./ build ember