Cursed Forest

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The trees were old and dying. What leaves remained clung to the sticky branches like darkened copper jewelry to dead fingerbones. A chill seemed to radiate from the gray trunks. The ground was covered with layers of rotting leaves, punctured here and there by pale, twisted stalks topped by tiny grey flowers. Spiders had woven their webs across the upper branches over centuries, but lower down they were hanging in ragged whisps, broken, perhaps, by some restless wraiths still lost in the cursed forest.

Background music

There could be (at least) two background music songs for each ecotype, one calmer for travel and boring stuff, and a more active one for fighting and intense action.

The theme for the cursed forest could be somewhat raspy / slowed down heavy metal like? (cursed and corrupt and dangerous)

Demo by Ethertear (focusing on a calmer sorrowfull haunted feeling): Dark Forest.ogg

Color theme

  • Cold purplish blue
  • Stone grey
  • Dark copper
  • Ashblack
  • Dark muted bluegreen
  • Accents of greyish lavender white

Distance Haze

  • Dark blue, bordering on purple



Ground textures

Height maps

  • Stepped forest floor
  • Broken ground
  • Dry gullies
  • Chairn Hill