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Types of magic practitioners


Abjurers are defensive mages. Their powers center around shields and wards for protection often shunning violence completely.

  • Basic Philosophy: Abjurers use the magic of defense. They shun physical violence in all its forms and will always use magic to prevent harm rather then using a more mundane approach.
  • More Depth: The way of the Abjurer is a difficult one. They spend their whole lives learning how to cast protective magic over themselves and others. They have no skills in offensive magic. However their defensive capabilites are unmatched by any other mage. They can summon the very rocks out of the ground to form a wall around them and their friends. They can cause spheres of fire to envelop them and stop most attacks. However do not confuse an abjurer with a pacifist. Their defensive spells are often deadly.


An Aeromancer is an elementalist specilizing in the element of air. They have power wherever air has power.


An Aquamancer is a water mage. Their domain is all that is made of water.


A Diviner is one with the magic to tell the future and understand prophecy. No one is quite sure what a diviner can do but some have speculated they might be able to alter the future.


An elementalist is a mage who gets their powers throught the combination of earth, fire, air, and water. They hold sway where these elements do. However most elementalists choose to specialize further.


An Enchanter is a mage who has mastered enchantments. These enchantments can include items and people. Their methods are powerful, but very subtle.

  • More Info: Enchantery is a strange field. They have almost no attack magic of any kind. Instead the enchanter is a way of subtelty. They can enchant items both temporarily and permanently with permanent ones being harder to cast.
  • Enchanters can also enchant the environment to make things like wards and traps for people. They also have skills over illusion to a small part, but are not very good at complex illusions.
  • They can also enchant creatures the same way they can enchant items, except no affects are permanent. They can charm a victim, or put them to sleep. They are definitely a class of subtelty and not high profile stuff. Thus their magic reflects this. It is often cast half whispered and with small waves of the hands. Their spells will often leave the subject under a soft glow for a small amount of time, except permanent items, which never seem to use their glow.


A Gaeamancer is a nature mage. Their magic is of controlling nature and letting nature control them. Their domain is the natural environments and they have almost no power in cities.


A Geomancer is an earth mage. Their domain is all that is solid.


An Illusionist is a mage whose power comes from illusion. They change what is there to appear different and make things appear that are not. These illusions can be very confincing.

  • Basic Philosophy: The basic philosohpy of an Illusionist is to make things appear other, then they are. They can mask things that are there. They can make things appear other, then they are. They can also make things appear that are not. These illusions, when cast by a master, are very hard to tell apart from reality.
  • Illusionists tend to be very thoughtful and like their magic strike from where you least expect them. When around an illusionist, you can never be sure of anything. Even if something feels and looks real, it might not be so. One can never tell.
  • Illusionists in general are slow to anger, but one should always be wary of angering an illusionist, since they rarely let their mood states show.


A Necromancer is a mage who has learned how to control and raise the dead. Their power is in summoning spirits and animating the dead to do their will.


A Planewalker is one who can walk the planes of reality. Very little is understood about them and their abilities have been lost for close to 1000 years now.


A Pyromancer is a fire mage. Theirs is the magic of fire and their domain is all, which burns.

Rune Mage

A Rune Mage is a mage who's power comes from the creation of runes. They are a very powerful and ancient tradition but they power comes at great cost. They are very limited in what they can do and all of their spells are cast and made into runes thus they can never be hasty with a spell like other mages can.


A Shapeshifter is a mage who's mage is centered around the form of an object. They are master of changing both their forms and others form to almost anything they can imagine.

  • More Info: Shapeshifters are the master of transformation. First they learn to change their shape without changing their mass. Later they learn to change their mass. After they learn to change their mass they go on to learn now to change others shapes and finally later they learn to change other's sizes. The larger the change in mass the more difficult the transformation is.
  • When they change to the shape of anothre they do not gain the abilities of that creature beyond the pure physical abilities do to the creatures construction. They must learn how to use the abilities of the creatures. An example would be if you shapeshift to the shape of a bird you must learn how to fly you don't just automatically know. Shapeshifting is a very difficult form of magic and it is very hard on the caster's body.


A Sorcerer is the kind of mage many are used to. They channel magic directly into physical affects but since they are specialized to the degree others are they lack the pure power others have but they make up for it in flexibility.


A summoner is a mage who summons and binds creatures to do their bidding. They are weak unto themselves but those they summon to their defense can be very powerful.


A Thanomancer is a mage with control over the death. They can stop death or accelerate it. These mages are feared by many because their companion is death and even though in general they are not bad they do walk with death.


A Vitamancer is a life mage. Their magic centers around the very essense of life and controlling it and manipulating it. With it they can heal but like everything else life is a two edged sword and they can also kill with it.

War Mage

A War Mage is a mage specializing in leading mages. Their magic all centers around things useful for battles. The learn leadership, tactics, planning, etc. And if mages are ever to be led into battles a War Mage is placed in charge of them.

  • More Info: A War mage is a very complex field. It is as much magic as tactics and planning. War mages are not the most powerful magic users by any means but they do know the magic neeed for war. Thus they spend most of their time learning destructive magic. They have no abilities in enchantment or other fields like that. They also have very minor abilities in healing. Essentially they can heal just well enough to keep someone alive till someone better at healing comes along.
  • The rest of their training is on tactics. They are trained to know what other mage types are capable of and how best to use them in a battle. They train in formations, spell combinations, and what spells should be used and by whom to counter other spells and even physical affects.