Ember/Coordinate system

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Ember uses two set of coordinates, Atlas and Ogre.

Atlas is World-centric (picture a map):

  • X is east
  • Y is north
  • Z is up

Ogre is screen-centric (picture your monitor screen):

  • X is right
  • Y is up
  • Z is depth (negative towards the screen, positive is towards you, so the coord system is also dextrogyrous)

Conversion math is

Atlas.x = Ogre.x
Atlas.y = -Ogre.z
Atlas.z = Ogre.y

Ogre.x = Atlas.x
Ogre.y = Atlas.z
Ogre.z = -Atlas.y

Also, Ember is rotates (ogre) scale node 90° around Y axis to correctly present in on screen.

A couple of conversion methods, which converts between the Ogre and the Worldforge coord system, can be found in the Convert.h header file.