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General description

Enity filtering is a server functionality that allows you to filter entities you can specify those with all fancy kind of queries. It does have a simple python interface. Entity filter in its core simply tells you whether a given entity matches the given criteria.


The tool is suppose to help world creators in writing scripts. To start working simply add:

   from entity_filter import *

It currently has one method, get_filter which accepts a query string and return a PyFilter object (Defined in Py_Filter.h/cpp). Filter object has .match_entity method which accepts an entity and returns true\false whether it matches the query.

Query string examples

  • "entity.type='bear'" - gives you filter that filters bears :D
  • "entity.type='bear'|'rabbit' and entity.mass > 25 - gives your filter that selectes bears or rabbits which have mass greater than 25

Example of python usage would be

   # module include section
   from entity_filter import *
   # some code  here
   filter = get_filter("entity.type=\'bear\'")

You can use numbers, true\false without quotations.

PyMap Extension

Entity filtering also added one new method for Memory map class. That is:


Function accepts a filter as arguement and returns a list of all entities in given entity's memory that match the criteria.


Entity_filter module is added in C++ code (Python_API.cpp:596)