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(Player Activities, and the Features enabling them)

This page lists the major usage scenarios of the game, and is thus the place where the main game features can be discovered.

Arrows just indicate a very rough time or causality or grouping relationships.

Remember that one player will pursue many of these activities at the same or different times.

Note that NPCs will be doing many of these activities as well.

Account Management

  • Retrieve Server List, seeing server information, character lists.
  • Creating an account, logging in to account, Character Creation, selecting a game, selecting a character in that game, deleting a character, terminating an account.
  • Starting to play with a character, logging out, exiting game.

Basic Manipulation

  • Moving: Walking, running, crawling, sneaking, jumping, following an entity, moving to a position, following a road, following a route marked to a map or with road markers, efficiently navigating to an address / coordinate.
  • Vehicles: entering / exiting a Controllable (a vehicle, mount, some kind of control panel, a mind control spell link, etc). Driving / controlling an entity (same controls as for normal movement, but movement / behaviour may be different).
  • Items: Picking up item, dropping item, organizing Inventory and accessing Containers.
  • Doors / locked containers: walking into, opening, closing, locking, unlocking, keys, codes, access rights.
  • Percieving: Seeing close by entities, Targeting entities, Investigating entities.

Social Interaction

  • Socializing: Communiating through Chat, Emotes, and Conversations -> making friends -> keeping contact through Contacts List -> presenting ones characters on Character Homepages -> Game Logs (as opposed to blogs - perhaps half automated?) -> news organizations -> organize events (We should remember that the key to socialize in-game rather than on IRC is to make the game environment itself a way to communicate. Ie you don't merely stand around talking all day.)
  • Gaming: Create Sub Games -> play -> rank -> teams -> tournaments -> Awards
  • Networking: finding contacts by exchanging Contacts (similar to bussiness cards) -> introductions through forwarding contacts -> service finding


  • Surviving: collect food -> Hunting -> trap -> aquire / rent land -> Farming -> store food -> prepare food -> Eating food -> sell and trade food -> healthy body -> increased attributes
  • Crafting: gather raw materials -> acquire Blueprints -> design blueprints -> Crafting -> usable tools and items -> increased skill -> higher quality products(do we want a quality rating for products?)
  • Construction: Locate or acquire location for construction -> acquire Blueprints -> design blueprints -> Construction -> gather raw materials -> use tools and materials to construct object -> increased skill -> higher quality products(do we want a quality rating for products?)
  • Engineering: design Machines -> get materials -> build prototype -> refine Blueprints -> sell / share blueprint or machines -> participate in competitions, exhibitions, carnevals, events -> design cool stuff -> get recognition and awards
  • Making Art: create decorative clothing styles / building exteriors / gardens / sculptures / Paintings / Music / coreography -> perform / make blueprints -> sell / share blueprints -> exhibit creations -> attribution is automatically embedded in copies and derivative works -> get feedback from Exhibitions and discuss with fans -> get rating for pieces from onlookers -> make the world a more beautiful place to play in


  • Healing (assuming we have slow healing and wounds or ailments that need special care, or magical like healing during combat like many other MMORPGs)
  • Repairing (assuming we have equipment that can break?)
  • Lodging: Offering a safe place for a character to sleep and keep their things, if they don't have an own house, or if they are traveling. Also usually providing food and a common lounge for mingling with other guests.


  • Trading: do Trading -> store goods -> transport goods -> sell -> vending Machines -> common Auctions -> invest in companies -> stock exchange
  • Transporting: Transport postal Packages -> store packages (for fee) -> build up infrastructure -> transport information -> maintain infrastructure -> defend infrastructure and transports -> transport people -> compete with speed and prices and volume and comfort
  • Entrepreneurship: set up Organizations -> define vision and mission and values -> define corporate structure and organization -> gather funds -> recruit members/employees -> build facilities and Buildings -> execute bussiness plan -> do Contracts with other parties -> improve the company


  • Fighting: Fight training -> body training -> aquiring gear & weapons -> training duels -> Combat -> sport fights for money -> Mercenary or guard services -> warrior ranking, fame, and awards
  • Warring: Capture Land -> build strongholds -> factions -> war declarations, peace Treaties, alliances -> armies, teams -> Warfare -> conquering bases


  • Training: Taming and giving Instructions to Pets (any kinds of (unintelligent) tameable creatures), or characters (both NPC and player) (e.g. various standing orders for different types of troops or employees).
  • Ruling: set up organization -> gain popularity and support -> gather funds -> expand territory -> make Laws -> decide on land usage -> decide on taxes -> decide on projects and budget -> agreements with other organizations -> improve the realm


  • Exploring: travel to new locations -> create Maps -> map resource availability -> discover metal or mineral veins -> scout military outposts and army movement -> tell / sell map information containing locations of specified things -> find new goods and innovations -> meet new people and cultures -> discover an extensive, varied world
  • Adventuring: Story Generation -> individual storyline -> character growth arc -> organization level storyline -> global storyline -> emotional immersion -> moral choises -> player growth -> effects on world -> History -> epic tale