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Modifiers: None.
Special Traits: None.
Special Skills: None.

Habitat: Any climate, although they tend to concentrate slightly in temperate or tropical regions.

Comments: Humans are known for their ability to adapt to a range of different environments. Humans are a lot like ants: they are found from the poles to the equator, both above and below ground. As a race, they have a fast enough reproduction rate to be able to outgrow the longer lived races such as the elves and dwarves, but their life spans are long enough to allow ample individual growth and passing on of knowledge.

Humans are more deeply religious than any other race; no matter which god they worship, humans will die by the thousands to prove some theological point or other. One of the most significant strengths of humans is their grouping tendency. This behavior has allowed them to form nations of millions of individuals. With this sort of organization the humans can overwhelm smaller but individually more powerful creatures.

The one drawback of this trait is that humans can also be very xenophobic, often exterminating individuals on the basis of race alone. This trait is so strong that lacking some racial foe, the humans will turn on each other over some obscure issue such as hair texture or religious differences.

Humans take up almost any profession, though they are most commonly found as farmers, shopkeepers, and such. The more adventuresome humans usually become warriors or clerics.