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Modifiers: +1 AGL, +1 DEX, -1 ESS
Special Traits: Code of Honor, Night Vision, Claws, Self-Centred.
Special Skills: climbing, stealth, hunting

Habitat: foothills, plains, jungle

Comments: A humanoid of feline origin. A bipedal cat of man size proportions. The size varies from over 6' 250 lbs to 5' 135 lbs depending on habitat. The head resembles a bobcat's though there is quite a lot of variation depending on location. Fur covers every inch of the body. The male and female are of equal size. They have a full tail that is used for ballance. The hands and feet have retractable claws. Their primary occupation is cattle herding and hunting. While they have having a strong sense of honor, their ethics are situational. stealing within a clan is unheard of but quite accepted between rivals. The Khatinites are widely dispersed occuping most areas where game or grazing is plentiful. With the exception of a few jungle locations all Khatinid settlements are temporary encampments. There are some permanent encampments where clans meet to trade but all the residents are transitory.