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This page is a work in progress,
meaning things are incomplete, unfinished, not fully thought out, might disappear again, and generally are subject to change.
Do not rely on any of this just yet!

Augmentations are everything you can permanently "buff" your avatar with. Implants, for example.

Implants in LW (still compared to AO for reference):

  • You only buff physical skills/attributes. Or do you? Maybe brain implants should be a separate class?
  • You construct implants (maybe?) but unlike AO, the implant isn't the deciding factor, the "clusters" are (of course, LW has a different scheme... see on this page, at some point ;)

Some factions might not approve of implanting or other augmentations. You still can do those, the system won't tell you "you can't do that since you're an NNN". But if your side finds out what you did, you might be in trouble (losing faction standing, certainly... for example you might lose faction with you religious sect (starter faction), but you might be MMORPG Glossary#KOS for a radical subsection of your sect).

Augmentations can be hidden or open. The hidden augmentations carry a sort of indicator value with it, which indicates how hard this augmentation is to hide, which situations can increase the chance of uncovering it, how likely it is for others to notice, and so on.

For example: you belong to a sect (same as the above-mentioned one) which forbids any augmentation. You still augment your legs so you can run without getting tired. There now is a certain chance that others would notice, depending on the quality and type(!) of the augmentation. A biological (genetic) augmentation would be easier to hide than a mechanical one. If you get hit in the leg in a fight, the chances your augmentation will be detected increases a lot, depending on the seriousness of the wound.

It also depends on the perception (like the AO skill) of the other char. And the specific perception, of course. Some chars might be more adept at detecting augmentations than others. Like, if someone is skilled in that (your augmentation need not only be uncovered by your sect-mates to pose a problem: anyone knowing it can be troublesome...), he/she is more likely to notice it. So, some non-sect-member who is a skilled implanter would be more likely to detect your leg being different than an ordinary soldier.

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