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Some of the worlds (servers) to make up Lost Worlds.

This page is a work in progress,
meaning things are incomplete, unfinished, not fully thought out, might disappear again, and generally are subject to change.
Do not rely on any of this just yet!


A world with high gravity, and thus DNA-recombination to make, well, 'troxes ;) Bad storms, maybe a (slightly?) toxic atmosphere. Alternatively to being DNA-adapted, you can choose to wear powered armor. Disad: you're not quite as agile as the DNA-adapted characters.


Two DNA strands at the moment:

big, nay, huge specimens. About 7-8 feet tall, 3-4 feet wide. Think "The Hulk", AO's Atrox breed, City of Heroes' "Huge" char template. Would be nice to have some concept art there :P (Yay, I'll try it myself, for what it's worth :D )
Special skin to withstand this planets storms and slightly corrosive atmosphere. Not necessarily lowered intelligence.
Normal human. Needs powered armor. Disadvantage: not as agile as the Hulks. Advantage: can be faster, stronger due to advanced powered armor.



The Jungeworld (just a working title of course) is a lush planet. Lots of green, lots of plants, well, it looks like a... jungle.

But it has animals. Deadly animals. And the plants are not too friendly either.

A world like Deathworld (Harry Harrison). Yes, we'd probably have ranged weapons, like rifles. So, make the "dinosaurs" have skin armor of the "adamantium" kind.

First view will be beautiful. Lush greens, grassy plains, forests. But then there's the wildlife. And the plants aren't harmless either...

New Sparta

The spaceship crashed there has been built and manned (or personned?) by the New Sparta (how creative ;)), a military nation/corporation.

Strongly hierarchic, militaristic.

Every character at the beginning starts as a Spartan. You'd choose a career, which doesn't limit your character, it just determines your starter skills, equipment and access to certain facilities (you can gain access to any facility in some way in the cours of the game).

Some potential careers (just brainstorming):

  • Medic
    • Equipment: Standard medical personnel sidearm, light armor, the usual doc stuff.
    • Access: most medical facilities.
  • Soldier
    • Equipment: You get a standard firearm, some ammo, armor, some med kits, and other sundry
    • Skills: You are skilled in firearms, in basic first aid, and in not much else. :)
    • Access: basic medical facilities
    • Access: combat training facilities
    • Rank: Lowly private (or do we do new, non-earth rank scheme? Hmm, need to read up on Old Sparta :)
  • Engineer
    • Equipment: Standard sidearm. Engineers tools (whatever those would be).
    • Skills:

All characters get

  • Access: mess hall, quarters.
  • Equipment: respective uniforms and other pieces of clothing.
  • Equipment: standard enlisted personnel CI (communication interface, might be implanted? It's the "PDA" mentioned elsewhere).
  • Skills: Basic military skills.

Other Factions

Very shortly after landfall, various groups splintered away from NNoS:

Cult of the Spirit

A cult/sect that was born on Mars. Had/has followers in all organizations in the old world. Many in secret, or just sympathizing.

The cult's secret sympathizers in New Sparta (the cult was outlawed in New Sparta) saw the wormhole, and much more so its collapse, as a sign of the spirits (hmm, this begins to sound like the Bajoran religion ;)). And decided it was a commandment for them to openly follow the spirits. Which they did. (Some would stay behind, to help the cultists with equipment ;)

Augmentations: The cultists are firmly opposed to most augmentations. Biological augmentations are okay to a limited extent.

Weapons: The cultists abhor any non-substance-based weapons, like energy and fire weapons. Melee and projectile weapons are among the okay types.

Nature First!


One of the original ships, not crashed on some rock, but still floating in space, on a stable orbit in some solar system.

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