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Making screenshots that effectively and accurately promote WorldForge is quite a complex topic. Here is a summary of what I have learned from analysing the web site statistics combined with some philosophical principles I think are important.

  • Remember this is supposed to be a shot of the game. There is plenty of place for other kinds of images, including heavily contrived views using the client software, concept art shots, and faked shots for proof of concept purposes. However if we call it a screenshot, and it is in the main gallery it should look as uncontrived as possible.
  • Always use a realistic camera position that the player might be using.
  • Always include an avatar character in the shot, unless the shot is clearly from the avatar's first person perspective.
  • Include other characters in the shot. Games are mostly about interaction with other players and NPCs. People are much more interested in shots that contain multiple characters.
  • Make sure the major features of the shot are discernible in the thumbnail. Most shots are first presented to visitors to the website as thumbnails. If they can't see what it is a shot of, they are unlikely to click on it to get a full view.

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