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Mason is primarily a game about construction in a frontier settlement. It is therefor necessary for players to develop technology in much the same way as in numerous other real time strategy or roleplaying games to achieve their goals.

The basics of a simulated technology tree are being developed for Mason in Cyphesis. The fundamental element of the system is the tool, and new steps in the technology tree are created by adding a new tool to the system, or adding new functionality to an existing tool. The tables below shows the tools currently available in Cyphesis, and is now open for contributions of new ideas.

These tools are used to create raw materials, or convert materials from one form into another.

Mason Tools for converting items
Tool Source Duration Result Description
pickaxe world Instant stone Pickaxe used to cut rough stone from rocky parts of the terrain
scythe world Instant grass Scythe used to cut grass from areas of the terrain
shovel world Instant earth The shovel digs up a pile of earth from grassy parts of the terrain
shovel world Instant sand The shovel digs up a pile of sand from sandy parts of the terrain
axe tree Two stage task lumber Axe is used to fell trees into rough lumber
axe lumber Single stage task stake Axe is used to sharpen lumber into a stake
saw lumber Multiple stage task board Saw is used to turn lumber into boards
bucket body of water Instant water Bucket can extract water from rivers and lakes
pickaxe mineral ground Instant ore pickaxe can mine ore from mineral rocks
plow soft ground Instant plowed field area plow can be used to turn a piece of soft ground into a plowed field

These tools are used to affect entities in the world as will be required for certain types of construction activity without creating any new entity, or destroying an existing one.

Mason Tools for modifying entities
Tool Target Duration Description
hammer - Single stage task Drive entity into the ground
pole - Indefinite task Rotate entity away from the player

The tools implemented so far have been done largely to allow players and mobs to create a stockade, or palisade from tree trunks. Characters use an axe to fell trees to create lumber, sharpen the lumber into stakes, tilt the stakes upright using the pole, then drive them into the ground using the hammer.


Planting normally happens with a tools such as a trowel being used on a seed. This table describes the different plantable entities and their seeds.

Mason planting
Plant Tool Seed Description
oak trowel acorn -
fir trowel fir cone -
appletree trowel apple -
birch trowel birch seed? -
carrot trowel carrot seed -
turnip trowel turnip seed -

Please feel free to add proposed items to the tables above, adding notes to the discussion page if necessary.

--Alriddoch 20:41, 18 June 2006 (CEST)