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This page servers to collect the requirements and implementation ideas for a better media repository.

See Wombat


Logically, I think it makes sense to split the requirements into a front-end part that users interact with, and a back-end part that lives on a server.


The primary users of the media repository will be the artists who upload art to the repository. We want the artists to spend their time creating art, not figuring out how to use the repository.

  • Easy to browse for media
This should be accomplished by a web frontend to svn.
  • Easy to upload new media
Tutorial for TortoiseSVN
  • Tags for the degree of completion
Need to think of a metadata format here.
  • Methods to allow client developers to create a media set from the repository
svn already does that
For example Ember already have a script which parses the media definitions and copies and packages the relevant media directly from the svn. This process also involves resizing too large textures. The script can be found here.
  • Support for work-flows. E.g. concept art -> mesh / textures -> rigged mesh
that one is still open


We don't want to use data here. Neither the actual artwork nor the meta data associated with it.

  • All versions of meta data and the actual media assets need to be kept.
  • Restrict uploading to authenticated users
  • Accounts should be approved manually, so we don't get swamped by bots.