Meeting 2006-11-18

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Feel free to add any agenda point you think needs discussion. Please clearly label who suggested each item on the agenda.

  1. Recent development(s) [static point]
  2. Follow up on previous meeting: Meeting 2006-10-28#Summary. [static point]
  3. C# Atlas implementation plans? (See MMORPG Protocol Requirements) (Tommi)
  4. Atlas Observations (ie non-guaranteed messages) using additional UDP channel? (Demitar, Tommi)
  5. Where are we lacking? [static point]


Recent developments

Atlas Implementation Plans (Tommi)

Tommi is planning to port Atlas to C# and to create some performance tests at the same time. See MMORPG Protocol Requirements.

<zzorn> Would be nice if the java implementation is dusted off at the same time.

<tommi> So if you guys can help me in anyway it would be sweet. <Demitar> tommi: Feel free to bug me about how it works. :)

Atlas Documentation

See Demitars old Atlas paper and Demitars Atlas Tutorial (it doesn't cover the low-level things but is trying to give "regular" users the gist of atlas quickly).

<Demitar> tommi: Also you may want to see if you can find acorn internals (by al), and one article james and alriddoch wrote. Also aloril has some atlas notes in cvs.

Atlas Observations (ie non-guaranteed messages) using additional UDP channel? (Demitar, Tommi)

The feature candidate is described here: Atlas Feature Candidates.

Briefly, observational messages (such as position updates for entities) could be sent as UDP packets instead of through a TCP channel, to reduce lag.

Exactly what messages are 'observations' and could be sent over UDP needs some thought.

There was some discussion on the current lag with WF servers.

  • There is lag because the server is only sending a sync message every four seconds.
  • <zzorn> Could it be worth fixing the server first, so we see if it lags with a working TCP based implementation, and then prototype an UDP based implementation to see how much improvement it would give?
  • <Demitar> Yes, I don't think we should go live with udp right away, just experiment with ways to make it possible. And if/when stable we could apply it (wether used or not).
  • <tommi> yeah protocol level proof of concept would be nice first
  • <Demitar> However this is a more well-defined task, and thus quite easy to theorize and work with.

Where are we lacking? [static point]

Editing tools, as mentioned in the earlier meetings?

  • <Demitar> Kai mentioned the ember editing support has been very useful when working with the castle.

Someone to figure out what is causing the lag issue on the server side.


Brenda was frantically writing down our words with colored crayons while we chatted.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is: Meeting 2006-12-09