Public Sandbox Server

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What is the Public Sandbox Server?

The server was created to allow newcomers to the project to quickly try their hand at the World Creation tools implemented in WorldForge without needing to install and run their own Cyphesis world server.

How do I access the administrative accounts?

There are several administrative accounts available on the server. All them have the same password: admin

The following open admin accounts are: admin, admin1, admin2, admin3, admin4

If you would like to have your own admin account simply send an email to Dean Bouver (Demarii) the maintainer of the server with your account name and he will give it admin rights.

Are there any limitations to what I can build or do?

You can build or do anything which the Ember Client allows you to. You can create, edit, delete, destroy, move, edit terrain to your hearts content. Don't worry about making a mistake or breaking something. The purpose of the server is to learn and have fun. It can always be fixed.

The server is monitored, and if needed restarted or rebooted to fix any issues.

Who maintains the Public Sandbox Server?

Dean Bouvier (Demarii) who can found using any of the communications channels and on the Coordinators page.