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Warning this is written on ember 0.5.1 connecting to a Cyphesis server 0.5.14 - Amber Dec 2007


Ember is a game client that works with the Worldforge Servers. The Server controls all events and interactions at the moment. This can cause slight lag or jerky movement during game play. This is all still under development so things can change quite quickly and without notice.

Start Up

Ember Server.png
When starting the game the first thing you will see is a loading screen. If all goes well after a few moments (or a minute or two depending on you system) Ember will load to the server screen.

Select the server you want to access or type in a custom one in the bottom left hand corner, then press connect. (for reference see my test settings at top of page)

Creating a User

Ember Login.png
Ember NewUser.png
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First fill in your user name and password (even if you haven't logged into the server before). First time user then click "Create" if you've logged into he system before click "Login". (Warning! on some servers I tested, the server forgot me after i had registered for various reasons. This should be fixed in later versions though.)

Fill in your Characters Name, then select a character type, sex and write a short description about your character. You can choose from the different types of characters, namely settler, goblin and skeleton.

When you've done all this click "Create"

Starting the Game

You should now be dropped somewhere between the jetty and the pig farmer. It may take few moments to load the environment so be patient.

The Basic control keys are

w = forward/up
a = left
d = right
s = backwards/down
left shift = while held causes you to run
F6 = free camera mode


Right click switches between 3rd person and interaction modes.
Moving the mouse changes the direction you face.
Left clicking and holding down the mouse button on someone or something will give you a drop down menu to interact with that person or object. If you are in movement mode, left clicking will make your character move forward.
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The Main interface buttons are show on the left. The "X" is to exit. The "?" Mark for help.The last button shows you which mode you are currently in.

The server Console on the right (bottom left on screen), gives you much control over the game, your character and abilities. To list all commands, simply type "/list_Commands" and all available option should be displayed. As the game and server are code separably, you should be able to do any thing from here. To talk, simple type the phrase in and it will be broadcast. To buy, sell or interact different commands are used, these will often appear as speech bubbles to the left of the None Player Character.

The game tag which is part of the server console shows vital statistics, unfortunately speech and battling occur on the server console, so don't forget to switch back.

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Character Status, red is health (when it's zero you die, eat something to make it go up), blue is stamina (you use it whenever you do something, it recharges automatically) and yellow is strength. Move your mouse over the bars to see more info.

End Game

At the moment permanent death is common but not graphically reflected. If the console says you have collapsed, you did, even if you appear to be still standing. You character will die if left uncared for a prolonged period, even if you are off line. This should all change when the game is complete.

Pig Herder

Pig herder seems to be deactivated at present on this server. You may have more luck on one of the other servers. To buy a pig there need to be pigs in the enclosure, at the time of writing there is a rock in the enclosure (but one could always try raise a troll I guess).

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