Recording videos with glc

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Videos can be recording under Linux using glc [[1]].

The following commandline can be used to encode the video in a single pass. For details of doing things in two passes, see the glc or mencoder docs.

mencoder -demuxer y4m - -audiofile audo.mp3 -oac copy -ovc x264 -x264encopts qp=18:pass=1 -of avi -o output.avi < input.y4m

Recording with Ember


When recording movies with Ember it's often good to cap the framerate at 30 fps, and to enable the higher graphical level (given that your machine can handle it). This command line invokation of glc will take care of it:

glc-capture ember.bin --config general:desiredfps 30 --config ogre:suppressconfigdialog false --config graphics:level high

Once in-game you might want to make sure that the lighting is favourable. You can alter the time of day by bringing up the environment widget through the command "/show_environment". Note that the foliage might not always react to changes to the sun. You can remedy this by letting the camera fly off in the distance, thus forcing the foliage to reload. Press F6 to switch between the free flying camera and the one attached to the avatar.

Video modes

The following video modes should be used in ogre.cfg, as suitable modes are not available through the gui.

Suitable mode found to work, exactly 16x9:

Video Mode=960 x 540

This appears to be Youtube's native 480p HD res, but is not quite exactly 16x9:

Video Mode=854 x 480


glc-play -o raw.y4m -y 1 ember.bin-7933-0.glc