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Grasshopper Men with potential to be great warriors

Modifiers: +2 STR, +2 CON, +2 PER, +1 AGL, -2 DEX, -3 ESS, -2 INT
Inherent Traits: Natural Armour (hardness of steel), Flight, High Metabolism, Lowered WIL if in proximitry of fire, Raised WIL if in proximintry of other sautens, Powerful Jumping, Compound Eyes.
Inherent Skills: Survival Grasslands - 25%, Grasshopper-folk tongue as free language

Habitat: Any climate, but grasslands are preferible

Comments: Sauntens are humanoid grasshoppers. They are usually around 6 feet tall, and have their front pair of legs modified into arms with hands (which are similar to human hands in gauntlets) and the second pair of legs modified into structures similar to arms, but lacking hands, and thus not extremly useful. Their jumping legs are modified as to be useable for normal walking. Thus, the sautens walk upright on their hind jumping legs, which are also used for jumping, and to launch into flight. They have antenae and a very tough exoskeleton, which is as strong as steel. The only notable "clink" in this armour is their two large compound eyes. On their back are wings that are quite damagable, so the sautens only extend them when flying is necessary. Their racial language is "spoken" by rubbing their forewings together to create an ultra-sonic sound. Because of this, it cannot be used while their wings are extended for flying, and other races can only pick up a faint, high pitched chattering sound. So, only Sautens can speak and understand their native language.

Sautens are optimized by nature to be fierce warriors. Most of them become very skilled in some sort of sword, becoming very impressive warriors. Their eyes are very tempting targets, but skilled swordsmen can keep them well guarded. A large group of sautens is a very dangerous and intimidating site, and are quite good at raviging countrysides. However, they have several main weaknesses. The main disadvantage of a Sauten Army is their metabolism: the require vast amounts of food. Also, with their generally very low essence, they tend to be very succeptable to magical attacks, expessily ones involving fire and pure magical energy. Their wings are also very vulnerable while outstretched, and, like their eyes, are likely targets.