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WorldForge is building openSUSE rpms for a lot of it's software, using the openSUSE build service. Those rpms are not uploaded to our sourceforge download page, but we have a rpm-md repository that'll allow you to use your package manager to get updates of the WorldForge packages when they become available.

Currently, we have packages for SuSE 9.3, SuSE 10.0, SuSE 10.1 and openSUSE 10.2, as well as packages for the SUSE Factory development branch.

To make use of the WorldForge repository from the openSUSE build service, simply add<your distro version>

to your installation sources.

Your distro version is SL10.0 for SuSE 10.0, SUSE_Linux_10.1 for SuSE 10.1, openSUSE_10.2 for openSUSE 10.2 and SUSE_Factory for SUSE_Factory.

Packages provided

  • atlas-cpp
  • cal3d
  • cegui
  • cyphesis
  • eris
  • guichan
  • libdevil
  • libmodelfile
  • mercator
  • ogre
  • sage
  • skstream
  • varconf
  • wfmath
  • zziplib