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Introduction to TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak is a proprietary Voice over IP software that allows users to speak on a chat channel with other users, much like a telephone conference call. Please visit the TeamSpeak 3 page to learn how to download, install, and use the software.

The Community Server

You can find the WorldForge Community TeamSpeak 3 server at the following address.

Address -

No Password

It is highly recommended to utilize the "Push-to-talk" method of transmitting to channel and using a headset with microphone to avoid feedback, and open microphone issues that will disrupt others ability to hear and talk in a channel.

Please be courteous and respectful in your use of this service and dealings with others.

Community Channels

Some channels will be password protected to add a basic level of public traffic control.

  • Lounge - A general chat channel where everyone arrives on the server.
  • WorldForge - For discussing all matters WorldForge.
    • World Building - For world builders to coordinate in cooperative building.
    • OrchestraForge - For discussion and collaboration by the OrchestraForge group of musicians and party.
  • Other Games - An assortment of channels that can be used for playing others games. If you'd like one added contact an administrator.

Group Channels

Any group wishing can have a special channel created for their own use and moderation. Contact a server administrator and ask for one to created for you. A group channel can be public or passworded, but please respect the use of these channels as intended by their membership.

  • Chrysalis - A meeting place for those interested in creating a variant World, Rules, and Media that is not directly compatible with the current projects goals but could be used and included in the future.