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This page describes things that may change over time.
It thus requires regular updating, and may be outdated.


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The texture template system is designed to promote texture re-use among models, and also allow world builders and artists to leverage existing texture maps to create many variations of models which make use of the template. In creating a new texture for a given template the added benefit becomes exponential based on the number of models which use it. This creates the possibility for multiple new types/species with each new texture.

As an example 3 fish models, which all use the tubular template of which there are 4 existing textures of that type would allow for 12 variations or species of fish to world builders. If a new texture is added for any creature of a type it is also made available for all other using that same template, so in creating a new horse texture an artist has potentially also created a new Dog, Cow, Deer, Squirrel, etc texture as well.

Templates should be detailed so that areas of use are clearly defined in relation to each other, connection, and general model topology with tiled regions created for possible variant needs and to limit texture stretching for particular cases.

Maximizing the use of space requires planning and research for a given template type based not only on its current need but future needs as well. A few regions should be reserved for special future use and modification to minimize need for major revision to the template format. Greater changes and reworking to a template will require reworking of ALL existing model uv mappings which make use of it.

Changing existing templates

When making changes to an existing template thought must be paid to the effect any changes might have on existing use. Whenever possible use a free region, minimize the changes needed to those absolutely necessary, and maintain the older version by moving it into a "deprecated" directory for review of the changes, and to possibly revert back if needed. Minor edits and additions can often be done without any impact on existing models. Major changes will require all models existing using the template to be remapped properly as part of the process, older model version should remain also in case of need to revert to previous version.

Once a reserved or free space is used it should be added and detailed in the template as a revision so as not to be used again by mistake in another artists future revision.

Creating new templates

In making the decision to create a new template it is important first an foremost to ask the question, "Is there another template which exists that I could possibly use instead?" It is always better to leverage existing templates whenever possible. If a new template is warranted then the following points should be considered in the process.

  • Research your and plan out your template, consider not only the immediate needs but also think about what other models/types could make use of the template and what needs they will have.
  • Maximize use of space, give more space to detailed regions, and less to locations of limited visibility.
  • Provide Tiling regions for areas that might create stretching in various models/types.
  • Leave some free reserved space for possible future needs and additions.

Template List

description subversion folder preview image status version note
Biped Body (creatures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/creatures/biped/body/ biped_body.png Current 2.0 Biped Body Parts Readme.txt
Biped Head (creatures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/creatures/biped/head/ biped_head.png Current 2.0 Biped Body Parts Readme.txt
Biped Eyes (creatures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/creatures/biped/eye/ eye.png Current 1.0 Biped Body Parts Readme.txt
Biped Hair (creatures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/creatures/biped/hair/ hair.png Current 2.0 Biped Body Parts Readme.txt
Biped Mouth (creatures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/creatures/biped/mouth/ mouth.png Current 2.0 Biped Body Parts Readme.txt
Quadruped (creatures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/creatures/quadruped/ quadruped_v2.png Multiple subjects 2.0 Quadruped Readme.txt
Tubular (creatures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/creatures/tubular/ tubular.png Multiple subjects 2.0 Tubular Readme.txt
Insect https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/creatures/insect/ insect.png 1 subject (spider) 1.0 Needs Readme.txt made
Avian https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/creatures/avian/ avian.png 1 subject (chicken) 1.0 Needs Review
Shirt (Apparel) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/apparel/shirt/ shirt.png A few subjects 2.0 Apparel Readme.txt
Pants (Apparel) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/apparel/pants/ pants.png A few subjects 2.0 Apparel Readme.txt
Footwear (Apparel) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/apparel/footwear/ footwear.png A few subjects 2.0 Apparel Readme.txt
Headwear (Apparel) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/apparel/headwear/ hat.png Farmers Cap 1.0 Apparel Readme.txt
Skirt (Apparel) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/apparel/skirt/ skirt.png A few subjects 2.0 Apparel Readme.txt
Box (container) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/container/ box.png A few subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Cylinder (container) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/container/ cylinder.png A few subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Food https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/food/ food.png Ham and Bread 1.0 Food Readme.txt
Furniture https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/furniture/ furniture.png A few subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Logo https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/logo/ logo.png A few subjects 1.0 Logo Readme.txt
Boards (material) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/material/ boards.png A few subjects 1.0 Material Readme.txt
End (material) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/material/ end.png A few subjects 1.0 Material Readme.txt
Flat (material) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/material/ flat.png A few subjects 1.0 Material Readme.txt
Horizontal Panel (material) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/material/ horizontal_panel.png A few subjects 1.0 Material Readme.txt
Panel (material) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/material/ panel.png A few subjects 1.0 Material Readme.txt
Sides (material) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/material/ sides.png A few subjects 1.0 Material Readme.txt
Sheet back (misc) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/sheet/ sheet_back.png A few subjects 1.0 Readme.txt
Sheet front (misc) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/sheet/ sheet_front.png A few subjects 1.0 Readme.txt
Outdoor construct https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/construct/ outdoor_construct_template.png Unsure 1.0 No Readme.txt
Tool Handle https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/tools/ tool_handle.png Multiple Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Tool Head https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/items/tools/ tool_head.png Multiple Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Field Horizontal Bottom (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/field/ field_horizontal_bottom_layer.png Multiple Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Field Horizontal Middle (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/field/ field_horizontal_middle_layer.png Multiple Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Field Horizontal Topmost (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/field/ field_horizontal_topmost_layer.png Unsure 1.0 No Readme.txt
Field Vertical (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/field/ field_vertical_template.png Few Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Flower (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/flowers/ flower.png One Subject 1.0 No Readme.txt
Fruit (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/fruit/ fruitable.png Multiple Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Grass (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/grass/ tussock.png A few Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Shrub (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/shrubs/ shrub_template.png A few Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Shrub Leaf (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/shrubs/ leaf.png Multiple Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Tree (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/trees/ tree.png Multiple Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Foliage, Trees (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/trees/ foliage.png Multiple Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Planar Foliage, Trees (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/trees/ planar_foliage_template.png Multiple Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Trunk (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/trees/ trunk.png Multiple Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Billboard Tree (plants) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/plants/trees/ imposter_trees_template.png Multiple Subjects 1.0 No Readme.txt
Beam (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ beam.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Beam end (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ beam_end.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Big Arc (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ big_arc.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Ceiling (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ ceiling.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Ceiling Small (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ small_ceiling.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Corner Pillar (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ corner_pillar.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Door Element (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ door_element.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Floor (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ floor.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Floor Small (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ small_floor.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Floor E/W Side (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ floor_east_west_side.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Floor E/W Side Small (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ small_floor_east_west_side.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Floor N/S Side (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ floor_north_south_side.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Floor N/S Side Small (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ small_floor_north_south_side.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Normal Slope Wall (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ normal_slope_wall.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Roof (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ roof.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Wall (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ wall.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Wall Bottom (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ wall_bottom.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Wall Side (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ wall_side.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt
Wall Top (structures) https://svn.worldforge.org:886/svn/media/trunk/art/templates/structures/ wall_top.png Unknown 1.0 No Readme.txt