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A guide to resolving the most commonly encountered errors and issues when getting started with WorldForge.


Common things to avoid

  • If you have installed the WorldForge packages and also trying to setup a localized development environment you need to be aware that packaged binaries and libraries are installed system wide and if you are not careful there could be issues. It is recommended you avoid such a situation and when setting up for development do not install the packages into your environment to avoid issues unless you are confident in understanding how these are defined and accessed in bash terminal.
  • Do not install or run your development environment system wide as root. Install them in a location where your user account does not require root permissions to access.
  • If are behind a proxy, or firewall as is common at University you need to be aware of how this will affect your ability to access servers, and files. (See Ember - Can not find Bootstrap error on this page for a common issue caused by this occurrence.)



If you have this error :

SCRIPT_ERROR: /usr/lib/python2.4/ DeprecationWarning: the whrandom module is deprecated; please use the random module
SCRIPT_ERROR:   DeprecationWarning)
ERROR: Could not create client listen socket. Init failed.

it's because you have already a process who run on this port, probably Cyphesis. you can kill it .. and rerun it :)

 elendrim@vana:~$ killall cyphesis
 elendrim@vana:~$ cyphesis

If you get this error:

cyphesis: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Or something similar, but have installed the required library, it is because the dynamic linker has not been updated with the new libraries. First confirm that the folder with all your libraries are referenced in /etc/ (Replace bold text with where yours are located)

 dread@rogue:~$ cat /etc/* | grep /usr/local/lib

After confirming (and adding if not referenced) run "ldconfig"

 dread@rogue:~$ sudo ldconfig


Cannot find Bootstrap:

Error when setting up Ogre: OGRE EXCEPTION(5:ItemIdentityException): Cannot find a group named Bootstrap in ResourceGroupManager::initialiseResourceGroup at .../.../...

Commonly this is caused when rsync is unable to retrieve the media due to a loss of internet to or firewall blocking the ports used by rsync.

To fix this please visit the sourceforge page for Ember at: and download the development media file found there and extract it into the location where rsync had tried to install them. This is commonly nested within your home directory and ending with /share/ember/media for example: /home/username/wf/hammer/work/local/share/ember/media