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A set of guidelines for how this WorldForge wiki should be constructed, edited, and maintained.

Project Title

The correct naming of the project is "WorldForge" in CamelCase style writing without space between "World" and "Forge".

Flat Navigation

Let's keep the page hierarchy as flat as possible, and avoid the middle level pages that made the earlier wiki and webpages hard to navigate, costly to update, and sprawling in general.

This means that we add links to new pages to the nested bullet-list main menu on the front page, and only when the main menu is longer than 20 entries or so we find a set of pages with a common theme and create a subpage with them. This way we will also accurately identify exactly what kind of middle level pages are needed.

An exception to this is the use of categories, and category pages, that is allowed.

World-Design Specific Pages

A subpage belonging to a specific world design (like Belchfire, or Lost Worlds) is prefixes with the name of the design, like so

 Belchfire: Crafting

That would be a page about crafting in Belchfire.

Subpages should only be created when the original design's central page becomes too long, and only for the bigger subtopics. Don't make lots of tiny subpages.

(The term "subpage" has no relation to "MediaWiki subpages").

Space Separated Page Names

We use Space Separated Page Names instead of WikiWordStylePageNames, because the former are prettier and easier to read.

Title capitalization is used (normal words are capitalized, but filler words like 'the' or 'a' are not capitalized).

Plural Concepts

Plural is used by default for article names for (game design) concepts that there may be many of, e.g. Organizations, Characters, Skills.


You can mark pages with templates as necessary, by adding the template name at the start of the page surrounded by double curly braces.

There are at least the following templates:

  • Work In Progress - used to mark that the content of the page may still change
  • Volatile - used to mark pages that contain information that can easily become outdated. In general such information should be avoided when possible, but marking it up with templates where it is used makes it much easier to do an up to date check of the wiki.

Example usage:

{{Work In Progress}}

The templates use an Infobox template for creating the colored box. It takes colors and content as parameters, and can be used as follows:

{{Infobox |
color = #ff00cc |
border = #ff88dd |
background = #ffaaee |
text = The ideas expressed on this page are '''Dangerous''', and should be handled with extreme care. }}

You can also write your own templates, see e.g. this tutorial for details.