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In order to not clutter up the main page too much, old WOMBAT release goals go here.

0.1.0 "Baby Wombat"


0.2.0 "Toddler"

  • Version Control Metadata Storing
Create an external script to create the metadata, to allow creating metadata on a different machine.
All available metadata from the VCS should be displayed whenever possible.
  • Creator / Modifier Tracking from VCS
A data source must be maintained globally for quick-searching which contains authors and the files they have modified.
  • File-Type Filtering for Files
Files must be searchable based on a drop-down of unique file types culled from the repository.
I like how you can fast-search with just a string (which is going to be the predominate method for gross searches) and if you want you can drill-down to use the advanced options. "Get into the guts." I've gone ahead and enabled preservation of state for this form. -TC
  • Author-Filtering for Files
Files must be searchable based on a drop-down of unique author names.
File-Search by author should be modifiable by a switch to set "only show creators." This switch would then produce a result list based on files added by author instead of files containing commits by author. ("creator" isn't easily obtainable from SVN)
As long as we support viewing version history from the item screen I think we're fine on the creator front. Let's consider this done. done.
  • Mod-Date Filtering for Files
Files must be searchable based on a simple date-range specifier entered by the user.
Files should be searchable via preset date ranges for:
Latest Additions
This Week
This Month
(Creation date as well? Or does mod date get us this just as well?)
  • Tumbnail and Document Preview Rendering
Image files must have smaller thumbnail previews generated for display. (128x128)
Image files smaller than the preview size should be rendered into a canvas, centered, for consistent display size.
Image files containing animations ( ajpg, pnga, gif89a ) should have their animations preserved when preparing thumbnails.

  • Application Status Screen
    Details for the Status Screen:
    • Current repository being viewed with full path information. (DONE)
    • Last time "scan" was performed. (DONE)
    • Number of unique visitors today. (POSTPONED)
    • Number of commits today. (POSTPONED)
    • Number of commits this week. (POSTPONED)
    • Total size of repository. (DONE)
    • Average size of a file in the repository. (DONE)
    • Most popular file type. (DONE)
    • Most popular path in repository (most number of commits, and files, filtered up to 2nd or 3rd tier in the directory structure.) (huh?)
    • RSS feed for updates. (POSTPONED) Will require commit log tracking. I think there's a plugin for SVN that produces RSS feeds that maybe we could use and just pass-thru.

  • Logo for Wombat
I have one of my designers working on this presently. I've told him to come up with something that would be appropriate as a large graphic, as well as something that would work in a 48px vertical space (the header should really be the shortest thing on this screen in this app.) He said he'd be doing some sketching tonight.

  • Showing File Details in Place Using AJAX
    When linking to a file within the repository, the details for the file including it's thumbnail should be rendered in-place rather than linking to another page within the site. While this approach is not appropriate for directories; it provides a method for users to quickly compare two files in a directory without opening new tabs, windows or other widgets.
    By providing a method for discreet disclosure of file data within the same screen, we will require that tools be made available to "Hide All" currently open file details panels.
    • Produce a method which returns the templates/file.mako object fully rendered. URL:: <http://wombat/file/panel/?path=path/to/file> (We will maintain hard-links to files for pasting and general use.)
      (only rendering details.mako and pagination.mako)
    • Redact the nav.mako include from file.mako
      Base just needs to include nav and all methods should only have to render their specific piece of the body of the document. This isn't all that important just now. I'm going to have my designer take a look at this.
    • Prepare a javascript method and state variable controller for displaying disclosed panels for objects in the current form. Prototype ajax should be used to asyncronously load the data from <url> and then use scriptaculous effects to display the data in a cell.