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About WorldForge

Our vision is to foster an independent community in which many free games can develop and evolve with unique roleplaying-oriented worlds and rules, running on a wide selection of server and client implementations with a standard networking protocol tying everything together.

Our core focus is the construction of a complete system with all the tools, technology, content and artwork required to build complex persistent online virtual worlds.

The WorldForge project hasn't produced any complete, playable games. We have games that are under development, but we're still working on developing the underlying tools.

To find out more about WorldForge you can try reading our Frequenty Asked Questions. For a more in depth introduction, take a look at our Introduction or our Getting Started guide.

Where to find information

If you are looking for information that is not in the wiki, feel free to look at the pages listed at the community poratal.

Of course it would be nice if you could add whatever you were missing to this wiki.