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Edit away! No need to be afraid to break anything, since that's what a Sandbox is there for.

Of course, since it's simple and easy to revert changes, you could as well just jump in and edit something you like. Learning by doing, one of the principles of wikidom (wikidom?).

Macros (or templates as they are called) can be done by using curly braces instead of straight ones. { { name of template } }. For example, we could use the following macros: TODO NOTE: stuff to do

Better use for templates is something more complex, like what I now do with todo... This way, we can easily find any page that has a certain tag, and the page gets a clearly visible tag too.

And even weirder use of templates is this something like

{{boxed| * First item * Second item * Third item }}:

which gives:

  • First item
  • Second item
  • Third item

By the way, the first part is wrapped in a <nowiki> tag.