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Ember is a client framework for Worldforge. It's not meant to be a standalone game, instead its purpose is to provide a solid and extensible base from which to build game-specific clients. One of the goals of Ember is to allow for easy customization of the codebase. Currently it supports the game world of Deeds. It's available for all modern Linux distributions, FreeBSD and MS Windows.

A blog containing up to date information on the most recent developments can be found here. All current development information (bugs, blueprints, questions etc.) is handled by the Launchpad.

Main features

Talking with a merchant near a sty

Some of the features are:

  • Full 3d world through the use of the Ogre engine
  • Easy to use GUI system through the use of the CEGUI system
  • Scriptable gui (currently supporting Lua)
  • Extensible model composition through xml-defintion files
  • Advanced rules engine for server-to-client appearance mappings
  • Extensive in game authoring.

Ingame movies

More movies are can be found at this YouTube channel.

Older movies

Ember is being developed by Erik Ogenvik. You can find us at irc.worldforge.org, channel #ember.


A large collection of various screenshots can be found here. A somewhat older collection is to be found here. There also a collection of screenshots over at the main site.

Tutorials and guides

There's a collection of tutorials here.

Development release

We currently only provide an automatic build of Ember based on the latest development code. Download instructions here.

Ember release history

For developers

Information for developers: