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This page describes things that may change over time.
It thus requires regular updating, and may be outdated.

This is a page for suggestions and reporting progress on implementing and discussing those suggestions.



  • Cyphesis tries to put files in $PREFIX/var/tmp. The TODO list recommends putting these files in /var/tmp. However, these files don't belong there either. Socket files belong in /var/run. Log files belong in /var/log. If you have any temporary files that should be preserved between boots, you should put them in /var/tmp. If you have any temporary files that do not need to be preserved, place them in /tmp. Please see the FHS standard. Following the FHS standard makes every *NIX user's and programmer's life easier. --Winter Knight
  • A tutorial for creating objects, rules, and worlds. This is a good start, but certainly not a complete tutorial. Never underestimate the importance of good documentation. --Winter Knight
    • Someone was working on something like that. I'll dig through my emails and check. --KaiBlin 14:06, 17 June 2007 (CEST)

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