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(This is an updated copy of the Dural Page on the main website.)

"... and all of a sudden the screen just behind my keyboard seemed to widen, soon covering my whole sight, I was standing there, inside this old temple, somewhere in Haretone Forest. The faint sound of a fountain and some lonely bird's song reached my ears and a fresh wind strived my face. Suddenly I knew what to do, knew where to go, finally felt that I had returned home, had returned to ... Dural."

Dural is a fantasy world, that serves as a base for the curently developed game, Mason.

If you want to have a look at information about Dural, there are few ways. First, everything we have done so far is in the CVS. Second, you can take a look at the Durasaur, which includes almost everything that is in the CVS as well, and shows it in a nice way. Thanks to Kai Blin, who is the maintainer of the Durasaur. Last, but not least, you can browse around this site. There is some info here as well, although some parts are outdated or irrelevant (or both). But we are working on having correct information here as well.

Current Dural Developers/Development

Note: Blank spots indicate areas without primary developers. Please also note that this list is about to change soon. A lot of people are missing in action here.

This is not current. Some of the tasks listed as incomplete here are in fact complete. For more info, email Lee Begg.

Further note: There hasn't been much activity here in quite a while. Some people still do a bit, and you are welcome to as well, but the website is still out-of-date, and the latest stuff is in the CVS. If someone else wants to be coordinator, they are welcome to it :-)

  • Nation developers are in charge of the culture of the people
  • City developers control the look and feel of the various cities of the Nations and their people
  • If you wish to claim a Nation as your own, contact Lee Berg
  • If you wish to claim a City, contact the appropriate Nation Developer
  • If you wish to contribute to any claimed areas, contact the appropriate developer

see also Dural Gazetter of places

Area Designer Artist (if applicable)

Aspects of the World

Flora and Fauna (wiki version of Flora, wiki version of Fauna) Unclaimed Unclaimed
the Pantheon of Dural Unclaimed Unclaimed
Races (wiki version) Nyssa Unclaimed
Character Effects Unclaimed Unclaimed
Magic Unclaimed Unclaimed
Economics Milamber* Milamber*
the Supernatural Unclaimed Unclaimed

The Nations

Nation of Cambria
-- City of Summerset
-- City of Ellonar
-- City of Agrilan
-- Caer Jassad
-- Manech Settlement
-- Tirenas Settlement
-- Ferrycamp Settlements
Unclaimed Unclaimed
(broken) Nation of Sabar Coldice* Unclaimed
-- City of Sentigen Coldice* Tom Austin*
-- City of Ka-sabar Coldice* Unclaimed
Nation of Ardmor (wiki version)
-- City of Araed
-- City of Mostice
-- Town of Thasin
-- Town of New Goug
Jektal Andrew Traviss
(broken) Earldom of Falklow Unclaimed Unclaimed

Independant Areas and Settlements

-- Whispering Tower Unclaimed Unclaimed
-- Dark Vale Tower Tom* Tom*
-- Jaws (Hamlet G) Anubis Unclaimed
-- Settlement of Selernia Unclaimed Unclaimed
(broken) Island of Neraya Pug* Unclaimed
Land of Draykin Delusion* Unclaimed
Dunes of Syllus Halsted Unclaimed
Desert of Tyr Shane Wickson* Unclaimed
(broken) Nation and Periphery of Levbolne Milamber*/Polgara* Unclaimed
Nation of Moraf Unclaimed Unclaimed
(broken) City-State of Shalkrin Shawn* Unclaimed
(broken) Council of Sarnak Thoth* Unclaimed
(broken) Nation of Cabrina Za Tai Unclaimed Unclaimed
(broken) Nation of Qethai Reef Kai Blin Kai Blin
Aes'Aeion kosh Unclaimed
(broken) Forgotten Cities Zzorn Zzorn
(broken) Sanjarica Halsted and zzorn zzorn
Isles of Eli Lee Zzorn

* Person may be MIA

Suggested Devlopment Areas

Claim and finish a Nation listed above We need to get the nations that have been created incorporated into the world of Dural. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Descriptions for the Character Effects We still need new ideas and suggestions for character effects, as we still have only very few.
Descriptions for Races We urgently need descriptions for already listed races. New ones are also welcome.
Check for Inconsistencies If you've got the time browse through this section and read the texts and try to find possible faults or contradictions

External links

Dural Gazetter of places