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Dipviras Human sized telepathic bees
Dwarves Short, stocky, and surly craftsmen
Elves Short and lithe, with fine features and pointed ears
Eriphiads Humanoid of ovine origin. Large version of the classical satyr
Goblins You don't want to be a goblin
Half Elves The spawn of a human and an elf, sharing characteristics of both
Humans Jacks of all trades, masters of none.
Khatinid A humanoid of feline origin. A bipedal cat of man size proportions.
Orcs The odorous warriors of the wastelands
Sautens Grasshopper men with the potential to be great warriors
Seethra Crabmen dependent on water
Trolls Strong with regenerative powers

Other possibilities:

  • Giants - A bit larger than man sized, but a little slow
  • Draconians - Humanoid dragons
  • Ogres