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This page is a work in progress,
meaning things are incomplete, unfinished, not fully thought out, might disappear again, and generally are subject to change.
Do not rely on any of this just yet!

See for additional Mason information.


Mason is the primary game world of WorldForge which aims to provide various adventurous tasks.

The game set at a new settlement somewhere at Cambria's borders.

How to play

This assumes you already have a WorldForge client installed, like Ember or Sear.

Logging in

There is a Sear quickstart guide that covers logging into Mason using Sear. The quickstart guide for Ember is also available. So the following is for the impatient, or for those who don't need pretty screenshots to find their way around.

On starting up, both Ember and Sear will present a list of available servers. If you are not running your own server, just pick a server from the list. Servers with a address usually should work ok, other servers are run by other people and could be outdated.

If it's your first time to play on that server, you can enter a username and a password (two times) and select "create account" to create an account. If you return to that server later, you can use that username/password to log back in. Now you will need to create a new character. Enter a name and select a character class (I would recommend "settler"). In Ember, you will also need to select your gender. If you have played on that server before, you also have the option of resuming your last character instead of creating a new one. Both Ember and Sear have a list of characters you already created.

After you created or selected a character, you can join the game. A new character will be placed on the center of the Mason map, close to the pig sty and a couple of NPCs. There might be quite a few people who joined and logged out standing around, so don't be too shocked if your framerate isn't too great at the spawn point. We're still trying to figure out how to solve that problem. Feel free to walk around a bit to get a feeling for the map, then you're ready to start one or more of the possible subgames.

Pig herding

A long time WorldForge classic, pig herding is a nice way to earn some money and get around the map a little.

Locate the pig seller next to the pig sty and tell him you are interested in doing business with him, by saying "I would like to buy a pig". You speak by typing your words into the message console. In Sear, you get that by typing '/', in Ember it's always visible on the top of the game window. The current price for a pig is 5 coins, as the pig seller will tell you. Now, before giving him your money, make sure there are pigs in the sty and it's not night. In those cases, the pig seller will just take your money and not give you anything. If there are still pigs in the sty and it's not dark, give him five coins and the pig seller will give you a piglet.

(to be continued and spiced up with screenshots)

Castle defense

Soon to be implemented, in this game you will be able to use WorldForge's new combat system to battle giant spiders to defend Castleguard, a castle to the west of the starting point.

Various Tasks available in Mason

Complete Guide to tasks in Mason

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Mason Design

Mason Tech Tree

Technical Design

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